The Autonomous AI That Knows You

Save 10+ hours a week as Lemmy learns and assists with your work, like a real Fortune 500 executive assistant.

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Lemmy anticipates your needs

Lemmy anticipates your needs

Connect AI to your essential apps

Lemmy actively helps you do your work and improves over time by learning from the work you perform in your everyday tools.


Lemmy anticipates your needs

Understand and transform files

Uploaded files give Lemmy context for personalised answers, analysis and tips.


Lemmy anticipates your needs

Work Done Autonomously

Allow Lemmy’s autonomy to redefine your work experience. This advanced assistant doesn't just predict your needs – it helps you complete your work, offering innovative ideas, in-depth analysis, and practical solutions. With Lemmy, significant portions of your workload are taken care of efficiently, freeing up your time like a real executive assistant would.


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Enjoy unlimited messages, scheduling and proactivity
Chat with up to 50 files
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Daily suggestions from the Second Brain personal assistant
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3500+ users
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